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An odd blog.. I'm 16 From London. I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK . Enjoy ✄


moon | via Tumblr itt: We Heart It.


I’m 5’11 And I still wear heels. If me walking past you makes you feel insecure and intimidates you then maybe its not me who has the problem because I’m wearing heels and I’m already tall, but maybe it’s you who needs to reevaluate yourself. I don’t care if I make you feel short. Oh well, get…

being 6’6”


today i was at work and this dialog happened a foot behind me…

child: mommy, is that a girl?

mom: yes it is. why?

child: they’re really tall.

mom: yes, so you should be quiet because if she hears you, she’ll smash you.

this woman turned me into a violent monster in her child’s eyes. it became my fault

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flyforward asked: Hii! I'm a fellow tall girl (6'4"). I really liked your "being 6'6" post. So many people are just are just curious, but then there are the people who make it feel like they need to inform you that youre different. I've never met a girl as tall as me before! Is your family tall too?


aww thanks. =] everyone in my family is tall. my parents are 6’7” and 6’3”. i dont know if you went to the doctor growing up to see how tall you might end up, but the doctor i went to told my parents that i would be between 5’10” and 6’10”…..really? i think we could have figured that out on our own lol. #tallgirlstruggle


Fa$hion Killa: Rihanna 😍

Miss Lisa Bonet 💜